A few words about the house

Property Description

Square Feet






Year Built


Car Parking


Property Highlights

Authentic farmhouse with large garage and separate guesthouse.
This unique property is located in a hamlet, not far from a highway with easy access to Switzerland, Italy and Spain.


Full privacy for everyone

The renovated property is part of four buildings that are situated around a courtyard, yet offering full privacy for everyone.


Multifunctional garage

The spacious garage is multifunctional and could be converted into additional living space.


Characteristic fountain

On the courtyard is a fountain which supplies excellent potable water; this is checked every year.


Stunning view

The property offers stunning views over the surrounding countryside and hills, which are green all year through.

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Who We Are

We are Galdjo and Leentje Wynia, we have 3 daughters and 8 grandchildren.

Together with our good friends, during our expat period in the seventies, the idea of buying a house in either France or Italy in the far future was born. It was France where we eventually found the remainders of a big farmhouse, in a little place called Boisfy. We decided to split the premises. We chose the old farmhouse with adjacent buildings, our friends chose the stables and renovated them to a big house. We both kept our privacy but share the secluded courtyard.